Does my child need to be present?

Dr. Hutson prefers your child be present for the visit as much of the visit is spent in gathering history and observation of the childs interactions and behavior. For some visits we allow a parent conference if there is a problem with getting the child to the visit or if it is for autism results. The majority of visits require the child be present. If there is a concern about this please ask in advance of the appointment. 

What if we run out of refills?

Dr. Hutson will give you enough refills to get to the next visit. It is up to you to make sure you have an appointment scheduled prior to running out. Do not wait until the last minute to get a refill and risk running out because you cannot get an appointment last minute. 

Refills requiring PAs can take several days to get approved so do not wait until the last minute to request a medicine that may require a PA. Your pharmacy should start the PA and have it faxed to the office. Then it can take 2-3 days for the PA to process.

If the request is for a seizure medicine please state that in the message but understand if you make it to all appointments as scheduled and you are following up as directed you should not be running out of seizure or migraine medicine.

Please do not risk your child's health by missing appointments or not scheduling follow up appointments as planned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best form of communication between the family and Dr. Hutson? 

Dr. Hutson's administrative assistant will call you back or may text a reply if she cannot reach you. She will give the message to the doctor and then either Edith or Dr. Hutson will call or respond to you. If the question or message requires discussion or a medication change then Edith will help set up an appointment with Dr. Hutson.

Where would I get an EEG and how do I prepare for one? 

EEGs are used to help characterize epilepsy or even spells and can be used to help with treatment planning. Dr. Hutson has an EEG machine and EEG technician at her office. The EEGs are performed in her office on specific dates as scheduled. She will order an EEG if she thinks it is needed at the time of your visit.

If your primary doctor is concerned about spells or seizures they can call the office and request an EEG to be performed prior to your first appointment while you are waiting for your evaluation and Dr. Hutson may approve the request. Then they will send an order to the office fax at 912-342-4977. The office will call to schedule the EEG and the initial visit. 

-We do Sleep deprived- awake for 9 hrs prior to the test, hour long studies. Please have hair washed/dried and no hair products. The goal is to capture awake and sleep states. You may bring your own blanket or tablet to occupy them while getting leads placed. 

What if we miss an appointment?

If you miss a NEW PATIENT appointment without canceling 24 hrs in advance it is up to Dr. Hutsons discretion to reschedule you again or send a note to your primary doctor asking for you to be scheduled at an other providers office. We understand emergencies can happen and will review those on a case by case basis. There is also a rescheduling fee to hold your next appointment should she allow you to reschedule. These appointments are booked far in advance and we do not want to have you miss an appointment if another patient could have been seen instead of waiting. 

If you miss a FOLLOW UP appointment without cancelling 24 hours in advance there is a no show fee prior to rescheduling. After the 3rd no show for a follow up you may be discharged from the clinic. All of this is outlined in the practice policy you sign at the first appointment and is discussed by phone prior to the first appt. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

Have your primary doctor send a referral by fax to 912-342-4977 if it is required by your insurance. If sent by the ER or if you can be seen without a referral call the office at 912-342-0996. Dr. Hutson appreciates prior office notes about the problem or concern if available from your doctor. We will contact you to schedule but please feel free to call to make sure we have the referral and to schedule your appointment. 

What if I have a Co pay or deductible?

Payment is collected up front prior to appointment. If needed once the claim has processed there may be a refund or you may have more patient responsibility owed. Please make sure we have the correct insurance entered in the system and if you have any secondary insurance provide that as well. 

How do I request records be sent somewhere else?

You will need to fill out a records request/release and sign it for records to be released. Due to Hipaa we cannot forward your clinic records without your signature on the form. Please provide us with the fax number of where you want them sent.

What information do I need to have at the appointment?

If your child is on medication already or has tried medicines in the past please have a list. 

If any imaging studies have been completed please provide reports and a disk if available. 

Prior EEG reports if the visit is for epilepsy. 

Diagnostic evaluations including psychological evaluations are helpful. 

IEP from school. 

Height and weight if being seen by telemedicine from home during the pandemic. 

What if I have concern about autism or development?

Dr. Hutson will do a full evaluation with history and physical. If there is concern for autism based on the DSM 5 criteria then she will have you schedule a follow up for the CARS 2 assessment. Once evaluation is completed if your child meets the diagnosis of autism we offer ABA. There are a few centers in town that offer ABA and you may let us know if you are interested in starting therapy and where you would like to have those services.

If you have a known diagnosis of autism and need only the assessment speak to Edith in the clinic to get that set up. You would need to provide prior notes with the diagnosis in that case.