Here is the process for getting therapy started if you have insurance.

If you are self pay and wish to start therapy call the office as you would not need to go through the authorization process.

What is ABA? Applied behavior analysis is a therapy that changes behavior and develops socially acceptable alternative behaviors through conditioning. 

Who does the therapy? A BCBA or RBT.

A BCBA provides the assessments and provides a plan for therapy in order to change the behaviors over time.  The BCBA can then do the therapy with the child or they can supervise an RBT.

An RBT does the hands on therapy and tracking of behaviors and is supervised by the BCBA.

Our BCBA has been implementing ABA since 2006 and practicing since 2011. 

Who needs ABA? Any child with Autism can benefit from ABA. Also some other children who do not meet the diagnostic criteria may benefit from ABA. It is difficult to get coverage without a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. 

First you may have your doctor send in a referral with information showing which test was performed to diagnose autism (CARS, ADOS, etc). If diagnostic testing has not been completed we can get you scheduled with Dr. Hutson for a developmental evaluation and then decide if further testing is needed such as CARS testing. Dr. Hutson offers CARS 2 testing and if an ADOS is required she will refer you for that test.

Then if a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder is given and supported with testing we will send in the diagnostic paperwork to your insurance to get an assessment approved for ABA therapy.

Once the assessment is approved we will schedule you with the BCBA. 

After the Assessment is completed a prior authorization is sent to your insurance outlining services needed based on the BCBAs assessment.

Once approved services start!

We are here to walk you through this process and get your child the care they need!  ​​